Tired of losing sleep to money troubles? Crown Financial Ministries can help. Our online MoneyLife™ Mentoring program matches you with one of our certified mentors to thoroughly analyze your financial status. From there your mentor will work with you to develop a customized spending plan and debt elimination strategy to put you on the road to financial freedom! It all can be done securely and from the convenience of your home. The Crown MoneyLife Mentoring program is a 15 week program that is comprised of five(5) separate biblically based sessions with teachings, scripture with thought provoking questions that you’ll need to answer. Your certified mentor will have the training, experience, wisdom and discernment to help you build a roadmap to financial freedom by overcoming your financial challenges/fears. The Crown MoneyLife Mentoring mentors are all volunteers that have a heart to serve people like you. They are committed to work with you as a mentor, a coach and an accountability partner to help you reach the true contentment and peace that only the Lord can give you when it comes to money. To serve you additionally, Crown has partnered with Christian Credit Counselors. Together we work hand in hand to help you get out of debt faster and onto the road of financial freedom. It’s about empowering you to be all that God has created you to be in life.

Or if you wish, you may elect to use MoneyLife Mentoring without the assistance of a mentor, by using our self-paced tools. Click below to start sleeping better!


Why MoneyLife Mentoring?


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Success Stories

“Our mentor helped us customize a spending plan, saving us from possible bankruptcy. And with discipline, the resources in the Toolbox will help us stay on track for years to come.” -Thomas L, Little Rock, AR


“Seeing my financial situation in black-and-white allowed me to take a hard look at my spending habits. Now I’m working on eliminating credit card debt with an end goal of being debt free.” -Brian R, Kansas City, MO


“Thankful and happy...those are the words that first come to mind when thinking about Crown’s MoneyLife Mentoring program. We’ve learned a lot since September (2012) and have achieved meaningful results.” -Lori B, Cincinnati, OH


“Deciding which bills to pay on time and which ones to pay late was keeping me up at night. Our mentor helped us customize a budget, allowing us to eliminate some of our debt. Now we are living within our means finally have financial peace of mind.” -Susan D, Bakersfield, CA